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Food Photographers

Did You Know?
Apart from photography, food brands also use misleading nutrition labels on their products. For example, a product claiming to contain zero-trans fats may not be telling the complete truth. This is because, the FDA allows food items with up to 0.5 grams of trans fat to be labeled as trans-fat free.
Food products which are featured in advertisements almost always look completely different from the food that the brand is actually selling. The truth however, is that, these exceptionally presented culinary delights we see in photographs and TV commercials are not fit to be eaten, and would be absolutely disgusting to taste.

The art of food photography is extremely technical, usually taking the stylists hours to create the perfect shot. All photographers make use of external factors, such as the height, angle, colors, textures, lighting, food placement, props, and backgrounds, to make the food look appetizing, and serving it in a way which flaunts the best features of the dish. However, some go even further, using some really weird, yet creative food photography tricks, which stretches the limits to just how far manufacturers can go in order to bring in more buyers.
Cereal Advertisements
Real milk makes cereals such as cornflakes very soggy, really fast, which does not look appetizing in the least. One option photographers use is to substitute the milk with cream or yogurt, which is slower in making the cereal soggy. However, in some cases, white glue is also used, which is lovely to look at, but surely inedible.

Hot Food
If a brand is marketing hot food, the advertised food items have to look hot. No one likes cold meat. The best way to display that a food item is hot, is by showing lovely curls of steam billowing off the product. However, photo shoots are really long procedures, and keeping food perpetually hot is near impossible, without compromising on the appearance. So, to get around this problem, stylists soak small sponges, tampons, or cotton balls in water, microwave them till they get steamy, and skillfully hide them behind the food product, just before taking the picture.

Juicy, Meaty Steaks
Making a steak appear thick, juicy, and pink after cooking it properly is very difficult, as heat tends to dry out and shrink the product. So, if a brand is advertising a steak or hamburger, the meat is first carefully seared on the outside using a blowtorch. Following this, grill marks are added by using a branding iron, and to get a convincing finish, marmite, shoe polish, eyeliner, or wood varnish is applied to give the meat a nice succulent color.

Quick DIY Photo Booth

Photo booth are becoming very popular at parties. They can be seen at the wedding and birthday parties. Photo booth are unique and form great ideas at a party and a quite simple one to do. You can set up a photo booth within an hour if you have the right equipment. Having a photo booth will add up to the entertainment of the party, and also let the guests take away their photos with them as memories. You can set one up at home just for fun, or for a special occasion like Halloween. Setting up a photo booth at home, before going to the party venue will allow you to test it beforehand. So, without further ado here are tips on building your own photo booth

Simple Photo Booth
For a super basic photo booth, you will need just a laptop and a printer. But, make sure the laptop has an embedded camera in it which has a decent enough resolution to take passport size photographs. So, in a corner of the room, that is well-lit, keep a stool for people to sit while their picture is being shot. Then set up the laptop at a height which allows to take straight shot of the subject. Connect the laptop with a printer. And install a software which takes three or more photos in one go.
You can use Automator workflow for Mac interface or go with DSLR Remote Pro version for Windows. Once you have installed it, check by making somebody pose for you and then take the shot and print it. Set up the software to take three shots with one click. This was a simple way to set up a photo studio. If you want, you can keep a Shoji screen to make two sides of the wall, and the one side of the wall and the open side can be used to enter the photo booth. If you want you can invest in a professional light to lit the subject properly.
Photo Booth with Basic Equipment
The most basic equipment you need to set up a decent photo booth at home is a basic DSLR camera. These days they are available for real low prices, so you can consider investing in one. Also, you will need other photography equipment like light, umbrella, stands, etc. You will need a light, which can be flash from your DSLR or you can consider buying a special light. You will also need a good quality and sturdy stand to keep the light on. Invest in a tripod stand for your DSLR too.

Maternity Portraits

Clothes to Wear for Photographs When Pregnant

Why do so many expectant mothers opt to click maternity photos? Simple, it is a way of capturing the beauty that a woman glows with only when she is carrying her child. For most women, it can be extremely confusing to decide what to wear when they are being photographed pregnant. Given below are some simple tips to help you pick out the right clothes.
While choosing the best clothes for your maternity photos, it is important that you pick out clothes that make you feel stylish and at the same time, are comfortable to wear. Wear those clothes that you would wear normally. If you are most comfortable in a pair of pants and a top, then choose to be photographed in these.
Most photographers suggest wearing solid colors instead of patterns and prints which tend to take away from the stomach. It is also advisable to wear darker and richer tones rather than bright colors. Clothes in shades of black and white tend to work classically. Cardigans also work well. You can choose to add a pop of color by wearing a scarf or a necklace in a bright tone. For pregnant women, v-necks, square necks, and long sleeved tops work very well. Even tight tank tops and clothes in thin fabrics can work wonders during a maternity photo shoot.
While picking out clothes for a maternity photo shoot, it may be a good idea to pick tops that fit tightly around the belly. Clothes that are loose will only camouflage your stomach which will defeat the purpose. For pants, choose stretch pants with a low waistline as you do not want it to bunch up during your photo shoot. Try to avoid wearing denims unless you are sure you will be comfortable in them.
If you are posing for the maternity photograph with your first child, then it may be a good idea to wear clothing that is slightly more flowing and playful. Opt to wear long dresses, skirts, etc. If you are posing with your partner, try to wear coordinated clothing, at least in terms of colors. This will make the photograph more pleasing to the eye.
If you are opting for more artistic shots, then think about showing off your baby belly in the photograph. Wear a loose fitting shirt with the buttons undone halfway through or a tight fitting cropped top.

A Portrait Photography

Contract for Portrait Photography

While drafting a photography contract, it is important to ensure that you do not overwhelm the clients with a long list of terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled. Try and restrict your contractual agreement to a one page back and front contract with basics about the client and studio details and terms and conditions. Ensure that the photography contract is easy to understand and does not confuse the client in any manner. Given below is a template for a photography contract and some important terms and conditions that are included in every contract.

Name of the Photographer or Photography Company

Address of the Photography Studio

Photography Contract Form

Date of Photo Session ________________
Location of Photo Session ______________

This portrait photography agreement is between the photographer’s name and the client’s name. The contact details of the client are given below.

Name of the Client: _________________
Telephone no: _________________
Email id: ___________________

Terms and Conditions as deemed important by the photographer and the client.

Signature of the Client: _________________
Name of the Client: ___________________________

Date of Agreement: ______________________________

Signature of the Photographer: ____________________________

Name of the Photographer: ________________________________

Terms of Conditions for Photography Contract

While every photography contract may have different terms and conditions listed, these are some of the main pointers that a photography contract may have.
If the subject of the photo shoot is a minor, then he or she needs to be accompanied by a parent or a guardian, or have letter of permission.
An advance needs to be paid for the photo session and the rest of the fees can be paid on receipt of photos.
Any additional proofs required or any re-edit required on the original proofs will be charged extra.
The photographer retains the rights to creatively play around with the style and composition of the photographs.
Once the photographer has supplied the client with the proofs and received full payment in lieu of his services, he is not to be held responsible for storing the images for the client.
The copyright for all the images clicked is retained by the photographer and cannot be reproduced without explicit permission from him.
If the client cancels the assignment, then he or she will be responsible for the fees and cost incurred in setting up the shoot.
If the photo shoot needs to be rescheduled for specific reasons, then the client needs to inform the photographer regarding the same at least 48 hours prior to shoot.
The client has read the schedule for payment of fees and will abide by the same.
The client permits the photographer to use any of the images for display on the photographer’s website or for publication and for promotional uses.
The photographer does not provide the client with any warranty for the digital media or the files that have been given to the client.