A few aerial photographers

Aerial photography is an enthralling branch of photography that demands great skills, creativity, and knowledge about the technical aspect of photography. This is the reason why it holds a very special place in the hearts of photographers, amateurs, as well as admirers. It is characterized by capturing pictures, when the photographer is off the ground, i.e., from an elevated position. The basic and most common platforms that are used for this purpose include hot air balloons, air crafts, rockets, kites, blimps, helicopters, parachutes, poles, dirigibles, etc. In this article, we find out more about photographers who got famous for their aerial shots, and the art that made them famous – aerial photography.
Owing to the sort of creativity and adventurous potential that aerial photography demands, not many photographers could gain phenomenal fame. But there are some, who made a mark in this field and inspired many to try their hand at aerial photography. Here’s looking at some of them
Félix Nadar (1820 – 1910)
French photographer Gaspard-Félix Tournachon was more popular by his pseudonym, Félix Nadar. Nadar took his first photograph in the year 1853, and he took his first aerial photograph in the year 1856. His earliest surviving aerial photograph is taken over Paris, in the year 1866. Somewhere around 1863, Félix Nadar built a large balloon, which was named as Le Géant. In the year 1864, he provided his photo studio to a group of painters, that held the first ever exhibition of the impressionists. Some other credits of Nadar include the first ever photo interview with Michel Eugène Chevreul and photographs of Victor Hugo on his death bed. The famous Prix Nadar is given away in his remembrance.

James Wallace Black (1825 – 1896)
American photographer James Wallace Black was professionally known as J.W. Black. He began his career as a painter, but soon after, shifted his interest towards photography. J.W. Black was not only a renowned portrait photographer, but also the first American aerial photographer. In the year 1860, two years after Nadar did, Black attempted to capture images of Boston, from “Queen of the Air” – a tethered balloon. After that, aerial photography was used in the American Civil War, by the Union Army. Black later became the authorized user of candle powered Laterna Magica or Magic Lantern, which was an image projector that produced popular images of the Great Boston Fire.
Eduard Spelterini (1852 – 1931)
Originally named as Eduard Schweizer, Eduard Spelterini was born in Switzerland. Spelterini is reckoned as the pioneer of aerial photography and ballooning in Switzerland. Circa 1893, Spelterini started taking pictures from his balloon flights. That way, he captured some breathtaking images of Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, and Brussels. Closed international borders during World War I put an end to his aerial expeditions. He later managed a few ballooning adventures till the year 1926. His mortal journey come to an end in the year 1931.