A Portrait Photography

Contract for Portrait Photography

While drafting a photography contract, it is important to ensure that you do not overwhelm the clients with a long list of terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled. Try and restrict your contractual agreement to a one page back and front contract with basics about the client and studio details and terms and conditions. Ensure that the photography contract is easy to understand and does not confuse the client in any manner. Given below is a template for a photography contract and some important terms and conditions that are included in every contract.

Name of the Photographer or Photography Company

Address of the Photography Studio

Photography Contract Form

Date of Photo Session ________________
Location of Photo Session ______________

This portrait photography agreement is between the photographer’s name and the client’s name. The contact details of the client are given below.

Name of the Client: _________________
Telephone no: _________________
Email id: ___________________

Terms and Conditions as deemed important by the photographer and the client.

Signature of the Client: _________________
Name of the Client: ___________________________

Date of Agreement: ______________________________

Signature of the Photographer: ____________________________

Name of the Photographer: ________________________________

Terms of Conditions for Photography Contract

While every photography contract may have different terms and conditions listed, these are some of the main pointers that a photography contract may have.
If the subject of the photo shoot is a minor, then he or she needs to be accompanied by a parent or a guardian, or have letter of permission.
An advance needs to be paid for the photo session and the rest of the fees can be paid on receipt of photos.
Any additional proofs required or any re-edit required on the original proofs will be charged extra.
The photographer retains the rights to creatively play around with the style and composition of the photographs.
Once the photographer has supplied the client with the proofs and received full payment in lieu of his services, he is not to be held responsible for storing the images for the client.
The copyright for all the images clicked is retained by the photographer and cannot be reproduced without explicit permission from him.
If the client cancels the assignment, then he or she will be responsible for the fees and cost incurred in setting up the shoot.
If the photo shoot needs to be rescheduled for specific reasons, then the client needs to inform the photographer regarding the same at least 48 hours prior to shoot.
The client has read the schedule for payment of fees and will abide by the same.
The client permits the photographer to use any of the images for display on the photographer’s website or for publication and for promotional uses.
The photographer does not provide the client with any warranty for the digital media or the files that have been given to the client.