Fashion photographers create those piquant images

The first images that come to our mind when someone mentions fashion photography are sensuous models and a lot of glitz and glamor. Well, these definitely are some aspects of this profession, but if we dig a bit more to know about what fashion photographers do for a living, you will realize that in spite of all the hype, it still is like any other job – lot of hard work and responsibility. From directing the models to getting their equipment right for the shoot, a fashion photographer is involved in almost every aspect of the shoot.

Fashion photography is mainly concerned with the clothing and accessories. It is the responsibility of a fashion photographer to highlight these in a photo and make it visually appealing. Once they take up an assignment, it is their responsibility to deliver on the requirements of the client. The points mentioned below will summarize the job of a fashion photographer.
Before taking an assignment, a fashion photographer meets with the client to understand their requirements. It is important to have a clarity on how the client wants to project his brand.
The fashion photographer holds consultations with the designers so that a working concept of the photo shoot is created.
A fashion photographer understands the intricacies of various designs and fabrics, so that he can plan the shoot accordingly.
Fashion photographers shortlist a few models and then select the ones they think are perfect for the shoot.
They work in cooperation with hairstylists, makeup artists to ensure that everything is in order and as per the plan.
The fashion photographers provide valuable inputs to the art director and the client on deciding the appropriate location for the shoot. However, it is important to remember that a fashion photographer may not always get the desired location as there can be budgetary constraints on the part of the client.
During the shoot, the fashion photographer has to shoot the model in different poses. It is the responsibility of the fashion photographer to extract the best from the model and this requires him to work on the model’s posture, look, ability to emote etc.
After the shoot, the fashion photographer selects a photo/photos and starts working on it with the help of available software. The aim is to hide the flaws if any, and highlight the features of the model.
After a satisfactory image is created, the fashion photographer gets in touch with the client or his representative to show the final product. If need arises, the fashion photographer needs to rework on the image as per the client’s requirements.