Free Photo Editing Software

Today photo editing is no longer something that is restricted to professionals and advanced users alone. The popularity of the ‘display pic’ and ‘cover photo’ has seen even thirteen-year olds become great photo editors. If you too want to join the ranks of these budding artists, or simply want to have fun adding cool effects to your images, then the list of free image editing software given below should be of great help to you.

GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation program is a popular open-source image editor, often dubbed as the ‘free Photoshop’. It helps the user with image authoring, retouching, and composition. It works on various operating systems, and is available in many languages as well. It is uses plug-ins and extensions to enhance images, and the advanced scripting interface allows for even the most complex procedures to be scripted without much of a fuss.

No surprises here – Google’s Picasa makes it to this list without moving a muscle. This software, just like all the Google applications, is extremely easy and convenient for users. Picasa allows the users to edit and manage all their photos with effective tools that include cropping, special effects, brightness adjustments, and many more interesting features. The best part about using Picasa is that after editing your photographs you can instantly create an online album and share them.

Windows Live Photo Gallery
The latest version of Windows Live Photo Gallery comes with face recognition and geo-tagging tools. It has some great tools for retouching images, and is extremely easy to use. Along with the basic tools, the software now has advanced editing tools. Its wonderful features, easy navigation, and the fact that it is free, makes it one of the most popular image editing software around.

Though it may take a bit longer to completely understand the navigation of this software, it is still one of the best photo editing software available. With its unique circular tool menu, you can easily click on options that you want and quickly fix up your images. It also lets you edit and create GIFs.

Paint.NET is a great free software for photo editing. It is funded by the donations received on their website. Unlimited undo is one very pertinent features of this software. Although meant for first timers, this software can be utilized to its full capacity by more experienced ones. Also if you plan to print your photographs on matte or waterproof paper, then this is the software for you!