Maternity Portraits

Clothes to Wear for Photographs When Pregnant

Why do so many expectant mothers opt to click maternity photos? Simple, it is a way of capturing the beauty that a woman glows with only when she is carrying her child. For most women, it can be extremely confusing to decide what to wear when they are being photographed pregnant. Given below are some simple tips to help you pick out the right clothes.
While choosing the best clothes for your maternity photos, it is important that you pick out clothes that make you feel stylish and at the same time, are comfortable to wear. Wear those clothes that you would wear normally. If you are most comfortable in a pair of pants and a top, then choose to be photographed in these.
Most photographers suggest wearing solid colors instead of patterns and prints which tend to take away from the stomach. It is also advisable to wear darker and richer tones rather than bright colors. Clothes in shades of black and white tend to work classically. Cardigans also work well. You can choose to add a pop of color by wearing a scarf or a necklace in a bright tone. For pregnant women, v-necks, square necks, and long sleeved tops work very well. Even tight tank tops and clothes in thin fabrics can work wonders during a maternity photo shoot.
While picking out clothes for a maternity photo shoot, it may be a good idea to pick tops that fit tightly around the belly. Clothes that are loose will only camouflage your stomach which will defeat the purpose. For pants, choose stretch pants with a low waistline as you do not want it to bunch up during your photo shoot. Try to avoid wearing denims unless you are sure you will be comfortable in them.
If you are posing for the maternity photograph with your first child, then it may be a good idea to wear clothing that is slightly more flowing and playful. Opt to wear long dresses, skirts, etc. If you are posing with your partner, try to wear coordinated clothing, at least in terms of colors. This will make the photograph more pleasing to the eye.
If you are opting for more artistic shots, then think about showing off your baby belly in the photograph. Wear a loose fitting shirt with the buttons undone halfway through or a tight fitting cropped top.