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  • An improved substitute for an intercom is a QR-based system(BM Smart Intercom Product).
  • This simplifies and eases the operations of a hotel / resort / home stays & apartment hotels.
  • The customer and hotelier's current mobile device is sufficient for the BM Smart Intercom App to receive service requests from guests.
  • Every hotel room and the reception area do not need to have any physical equipment installed.
  • It lowers the hotel's operating expenses because, in the hotel business, intercoms are crucial for guest service requests.
  • Because the acknowledgement and responses are shown within the app, the user will experience personalized service.
  • Requests for necessary services can be made to the relevant departments (housekeeping, restaurant, reception).
  • This can make client easy to get wifi password, menu card of food & liquor, etc. without calling front office.
  • Additionally, it is possible to order food from a restaurant without calling room service.
  • The display of a computerised menu and an electronic order can also boost sales at restaurants and other establishments.
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